Download the SWATH® Acquisition Compendium

Capture every compound in every sample. All at once and once for all.

What if you could perform comprehensive detection and quantification in a single injection for every sample? And what if you could create digital samples for future interrogation when new hypotheses arise?

SWATH Acquisition is a Data Independent Acquisition (DIA) strategy that delivers the complete picture of a sample. It provides a rapid and easy method of performing sample analysis, identifying and quantifying every detectable analyte in a single run, without the need for repeated sample re-analysis.

Learn how SWATH Acquisition can provide you with exceptional results across many applications.

Download the free ebook: SWATH Acquisition Compendium and get application examples within pharma, life sciences, food, environmental, and forensics testing.

Download the Compendium:

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Relates to RUO-MKT-03-8078-A.
For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.