Reliable Solutions to Help Environmental Laboratories Make Informed Decisions

Omics analysis may enable you to make that next discovery which could revolutionize human health and life. This is what motivates you every day in the lab. Your ability to process large, complex data sets from various omics fields, integrate and interpret results into relevant, holistic insights is critical to your success.

From Sample to Biology
SCIEX has a proven record of cutting edge Omics research technologies helping life science researchers to faster translate analytical information into biological knowledge. Our workflow and technology advancements are driven through collaboration with trusted partners among most globally renowned Omics experts. As a result, we provide you with continuously more productive and reliable solutions to discover, identify, quantitate and interpret key genes, proteins, lipids and metabolites in complex systems biology.

Leveraging Multi-Omics Research to See What’s Beyond the Genome
Combining innovative lab technologies with cloud-based, next-generation bioinformatics, our goal is to help you leverage knowledge from multiple omics fields and gain faster, more comprehensive insight into relevant biological information.

Together, let’s foster the multi-omics revolution and discover what’s beyond the genome.

Water and Wastewater Analysis

Monitor for many classes of compounds on a single analytical instrument to ensure wastewater is treated and discharged in accordance to regulations.

Industrial and Agro Chemical Analysis

Accelerate your agrochemical and crop science research and cosnsistenly produce accurate reliable data with LC-MS/MS technology.

Testing for Emerging Pollutants

Identify, track, and map pollutants in the environment so your lab can facilitate pollution control and policy generation.


Leverage the power of mass spectrometry using omics-based approaches, to understand the characterize and quantify the exposome from our environment impact our health.

X500R QTOF System

High-throughput screening for unknowns just got simpler with the high-resolution X500R QTOF System.


The all-in-one software that lets you acquire, process, and analyze data and even generate custom reports.

QTRAP® System

Combine MRM sensitivity with added QTRAP to get more identification, characterization, and quantitation functionality.