Foodomics: Large Scale Omics Profiling from Field to Fork and Beyond

Foodomics: A Comprehensive Approach to Food and Nutrition Analysis

Foodomics connects the dots between food and nutrition sciences using advanced omics technologies. Simply put foodomics examines quantitative data on vast numbers of constituent molecules simultaneously (proteins, metabolites, lipids, etc.) to study the composition of food compounds and how these components affect human health. This broad outlook demands large-scale approaches that focus on a large range of analytes.

Implementing sophisticated proteomics, lipidomics or metabolomics studies is one that demands highly skilled data analysis and interpretation experts. In taking an omics approach, foodomics researchers use omics data to study nutrition fields ranging from food chemistry, food technology, and even the clinical science. All these fields aim to explore the impact of food and nutrition on the human body and biological systems involved in the digestive processing of food, absorption of vitamins, food intolerance and nutritional disease.

At SCIEX we pride ourselves in our commitment to develop accessible high throughput technologies; our team also focuses on innovating workflows in both food and omics workflows. This combination enables omics data applicable in the academic industrial environments to drive food research and time-critical analysis in the food testing industry.

X500R QTOF System

Easy to use accurate mass spectrometer system that analyzes data faster; leveraging on the power of SWATH® Acquisition.

QTRAP® 6500+

For targeted quantitation of analyte panels in your foodomic analysis. QTRAP® technology enables low level detection and the robustness to handle you dirty matrices.

TripleTOF 6600

Accurate mass spectrometer with fast MS and MS/MS acquisition with high dynamic range to push the limits of foodomics.

Shellfish Proteomics

Gather a greater understanding of groundbreaking proteome analysis of shellfish and the process involved in developing a new food testing assay using LC-MS from international experts.

Non-Targeted Acquisition

Taking an “omics” approach, the following technical note demonstrates non-targeted acquisition techniques to screen and identify the compounds in your citrus oil with high-resolution mass spectrometry.

Species Variances

A comprehensive foodomics study into the different composition of Smilax Glabra grown in different areas of China, detecting the impact from variations in environmental and climatic conditions.

Active Components

This study uses the high-resolution SCIEX X500R QTOF System for identification of ginsenoside components. SCIEX OS software along with the TCM MS/MS database for rapid, accurate identification of 53 ginsenoside components.

Multi-Omics Analysis

A blog on multi-omics analysis revealing how the appearance/ taste-oriented breeding process modulates the metabolic makeup of tomatoes.

Beer Proteomics

A blog detailing a recent study looking at a dynamic proteome found in the production of beer using both ProteinPilot™ Software and SWATH® Acquisition.