SCIEX - 您值得信赖的实验室合作伙伴


作为合作伙伴,SCIEX致力于帮助您实现实验室的发展目标。SCIEX 与您一起,利用定制的服务方案实现:

  • 优化操作流程,提高效率
  • 帮助您配置 SCIEX 软件以实现 GxP、21 CFR Part 11 和 EU Annex 11 合规要求
  • 协助您开展新的试验项目*
  • 协助您进行实验室迁移

SCIEX 凭借多年的丰富经验和专业咨询,可以帮助您实现实验室的愿景。

*SCIEX 不提供、开发或优化用于临床诊断的方法或试验。




Qualification and Validation

Regulatory compliance and software validation is complex, time-consuming, and costly. Get trained, certified SCIEX engineers to guide you through Installation Qualification (IQ), Operational Qualification (OQ), Performance Qualification (PQ), and Re-Qualification.

Personalized Application Support At Customer Site

Support and training to help you optimize your applications, troubleshoot workflows, and better utilize software


无忧移机服务,专为希望集中处理和协调整个工作流程(处理包括 OEM 仪器在内的所有仪器),专为希望寻找单一供应商的客户而设计。


实验室优化服务可以让您的实验室变得更加高效 在 SCIEX 经验丰富的 LC-MS 实验室优化服务团队的支持下,我们将帮助您改进工作流程,在短短六周内提高分析通量,降低成本并改进整体质量。

Laboratory Connectivity

Access your current infrastructure including hardware, firmware, and software and receive recommendations for optimal LC-MS communication, informatics, and peripheral connections across your existing network.

SCIEX Diagnostics products are for in vitro diagnostic use. Product(s) may not be available in all countries. For information on availability, please contact your local representative. All other SCIEX products are for research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.AB Sciex is operating as SCIEX.© 2018. AB Sciex. The trademarks mentioned herein are the property of AB Sciex Pte. Ltd. or their respective owners. AB SCIEX™ is being used under license.